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How to find and reset the network password


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I have a router and an internet connection. I have 3 computers connected to the router. One of which is with a wireless connection.

I set all this up a couple of years ago and I have completely forgotten how I did it.

And now my son tells me that he can use his Nintendo DS with a wireless internet connection but he needs to know my password.

How do I reset my password for my internet connection? I do not even know where to go on my system to find this information.

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Get a paperclip

Unplug your router

Insert paperclip into router reset hole for 5-10 seconds and power back up.

You will lose all settings and the router will have it's factory default settings again.

That said, some routers have a default password pre-set, here is a list of known default passwords for most brands of router.

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