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ProgramData and User folders to other partitions


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hey all.

I want Windows 7 to install the Programdata and the user folder to two different partitions (C: Win7, E: User, D: Programmdata). Is that possible in any way?

ProfilesDirectoryThe ProfilesDirectory setting specifies the path to the user profile folder.


This setting should be used only in a test environment. If you change the default location of the user-profile directories or program-data folders to a volume other than the system volume, you cannot service your image. Any updates, fixes, or service packs will not be applied to the installation.

For a list of known issues with this setting, see Description of known issues with the FolderLocation settings..

Using this setting to redirect folders to a drive other than the system volume blocks upgrades. Using ProfilesDirectory to point to a directory that is not the system volume will block SKU edition upgrades and upgrades to future versions of Windows®. For example, if you use Windows 7 Home Premium with ProfilesDirectory set to D:\, you will not be able to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate or to the next version of Windows. The servicing stack does not handle cross-volume transactions, and it blocks upgrades.

Use this setting to move the user-profile folder (typically %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Users) to another location during Setup or when Sysprep is running. The destination path can be on a volume other than the system drive, as long as it meets the following requirements:

It must be on an NTFS volume.

It must not be the path of another operating system user-profile folder.

It must not contain any serviceable components.

This setting can be used to keep system data separate from user data. If Windows® is re-installed on the system volume, a user with administrative rights can manually recover data from this location.


Specifies the path to the user profile folder. Path_to_profiles_directory is a string with a maximum length of 256 characters.

This string type does not support empty elements. Do not create an empty value for this setting.

Valid PassesoobeSystem

Parent HierarchyMicrosoft-Windows-Shell-Setup | FolderLocations | ProfilesDirectory

Applies ToFor a list of the supported Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup.

XML ExampleThe following XML example shows how to set the paths to folder locations.





This is from AIK help, so it is possible, but (read above) :-)

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