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apply reg during installation


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hi all

i saw somewhere that i can apply a reg file when installing seven

i remember i need to create a cmd file with the patch of my reg file inside and put it in a special directory but i can't find this information again

i totally forgot to mark this page and now i need your help to find it again :s

thanks for any help

NVM i'm a retard and i saved the page ....

create a .bat script "SetupComplete.cmd" in <your root dvd/image path>\$OEM$\$$\SETUP\SCRIPTS\

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so if i understood well i can just put my setupcomplete.cmd in Windows directory and it will work ?
No, setupcomplete.cmd will only work from two locations

C:\Mount\Windows\Setup\Scripts (inside mounted install.wim)



To do it the way Ajua is suggest, you would need to mount your WIM using DISM (see my SIG) or imagex and manually create the files/folders. This way the files are integrated inside the WIM, but if you want to make changes, you would have to re-mount the WIM. Really good for one-time jobs, but if you are gonna constantly make small changes, this can get tiresome.

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