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VPN network across two local networks


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Dear All.

I really hope someone can help me out.

I have two companies, each one having it's own local network and internet connection (both high speed dsl).

In first company, there is a VPN server, which is connected to basically all PCs in that company, and when in the second company a pc creates a VPN connection, it can see all the PCs in the first company ("see all the PCs" means he can for example access their shared folders).

I was wondering, if there is a way to create a VPN server (windows server 2003?) in the second company, that would connect with vpn to the first company, but then allow all the PCs in the second company to see the PCs in the first company?

Now each PC in the second company needs to have a VPN connection, and that isn't enough user friendly.

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What you really want is site-to-site VPN. That would connect both networks with a VPN connection. PCs in each network would be able to see all the other pcs, regardless of location. You would need 2 firewalls (1 at each facility) that support such a feature (most commercial grade will - sonicwall, watchguard, cisco, etc...)

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