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Windows mail from VISTA into windows 7


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One of the most lovely things in windows vista is windows mail which is the new outlook express.

I've just get the ultimate windows 7 and was surprised to find it without a default email client such as windows mail or outlook express at least.

Does there is any way to use the windows mail from vista into or with windows 7? :unsure:

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You need to find the Windows live link in the start menu. Click on it and it will get you Windows Mail. If you upgraded from Vista using the upgrade method, all of your accounts and contacts should be restored. It does not look the same, but works OK.

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All you need is copy the only msoe.dll from Windows Mail of Vista to Win7 (replace). Or you can download it from the link bellows


This will:

- Copy msoe.dll from Windows Mail of Vista into Win7

- Add necessary registry so that you can set Windows Mail as default

- Pin Windows Mail to Start Menu

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Thanks for reply

But just to confirm that I am talking about Windows mail and not windows live mail.

So replacing the mentioned file will solve the whole thing!?

Yes. It is Windows Mail. All you need is replacing file msoe.dll in Windows 7 with Windows Mail from Vista. Case you need set Windows Mail as default in Windows 7, you need further registry. You can download file from the link above and extract it with WinRar to see all content.

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