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need advice for features and packages


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hi guys, me again :whistle:

I made a batch to automate the creation of a modified iso file

I disabled features and removed packages using DISM

everything works during install but at the first start windows ask for configuration (timezone, updates etc ...) except when i have to choose which network i want to use

this screen


if i choose public it works the configuration finishes

if i choose domestic (first one)

i have no error but nothing happens it stays like this forever


This is the packages i removed


And the feature i disable


I tested on VirtualBox, internet is working

What i aim for is a seven with only the strict minimum. I know i still have thing to remove but i'm testing slowly to find problems and i got my first one :P

i'd like some advices and if you can help me to find why the settings block

thanks for any help

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Dumb question : Wouldn't you rather have a fully automated installation using AutoUnattend.xml ?

or do you need to manually select which type of network you want to use every time you install ?

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well .. it's not a dumb question, i plan to do it the way you said

now i'm to the part where i'm searching which packages and features i can remove to keep a running system

i'm doing it via a batch file because i want a fully automated modification

i'll do the xml after that but i'm afraid that if it doesn't work manually, i won't word with the xml file

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Off the top of my head I don't see anything in your removed sections that would mess with Home Networking. But then again, Liquid24 is more knowledgeable about these things than I, have you asked in this thread. I assume it is those scripts you are using/modifying.

EDIT: When it freezes during installation, can you try removing your network cable and see if that unfreezes it. I have had issues in the past where freezing network issue is resolved by unplugging the cable temporarily. That could rule out packages/features as the cause.

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