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Display time and date on task bar - How?


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When you're logged in as a guest, right-click the time in the task bar, then properties.

Click "Change Date and Time", then make sure the calender and time is set correctly.

You can also click "Change Calender Settings" in blue and make sure it's set up correctly.

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I have "Adjust Date/Time" and within there I have "Change Date/Time" which requires admin password. "Change Calendar Settings" but there is nothing in there to display it on the taskbar, it is just setting up the display of the calendar.

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in standard user when you right ckick on the taskbar and

choose properties is use small icons checked.

When I check that on my system it makes the

taskbar shrink in size and only the timne is displayed.

Another thing you could try is unlock the taskbar and

drag it up to increase its size.

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