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Streamlining Updates and Hot Fixes

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I have used the FireGeier guide to install updates. I follow the instructions with no probems, error level 0, I do the unmount(takes 30 mins) and then I transfer to ISO/DVD.

When I reboot and do a fresh install, the updates does not take effect. I do the windows updates, and same files I have integrate are needing to be updated. I confirmed the KB numbers.

Is there any way to verify that the files are in the install.wim

Any Ideas?

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Sounds like same issue someone had earlier in the DISM Tool thread.

Basically, he mounted the wrong Image (image 1 instead of image 4), so when he made his changes they only applied to the x64 Home Basic, but not the x64 Ultimate version like wanted.

If that is the case the easy fix is to re-mount your image and apply updates to the correct version. 4 for x64, 5 for x86

You could probably do it with the DISM Tool if you want, IMO it makes the job alot easier.

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