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small welcome screen problem

Shiny Rabbit

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hi, I'm Shiny Rabbit, I've been a fan of xpize for about a year and a half, I have recently updated to xpize 5 release 6 and I opted to change my logon screen to the Luna Element one as that fits better with the msstyle I use. I noticed that when I logged on, this happened:


it looks like the text has chosen to stay in the same place as it was before, is this a bug in the skin or because I didn't delete xpize 5R5 before installing the new one? and is there any way I can manually fix it without having to re-install xpize? (i've tried already but it doesn't revert the logon screen to the old XP one)

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As far as I remember, this problem is fixed in my fan package, which is available here. You could try to install only that welcome screen to keep other changes (уou'll have to unselect MCE Welcome screen manually, because it's stays selected after switching to Advanced mode).

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