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[Release] Monospace Font AddOn


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These are the best monospaced fonts I made into an Nlite Addon.

3 fonts came bundled with Texas Instruments software. Consolas came bundled with Windows (duh) but is not installed by default on XP. Monaco is a default Mac font. DejaVu Sans Mono, Liberation Mono, and Terminus are included with some Linux / Unix variants.

Nouveau IBM is made by Finnish typographer Arto Hatanpää:

"TTF and Unicode version of the IBM PC font. Good for terminal programs. Size 12 represents the original."

Typography samples:

Consolas 11 point


Consolas is the developer font created for Microsoft by famous designer Luc(as) de Groot and designed specifically for use with ClearType. Many programmers like it, and it is No. 2 on the CodeProject list of best programming fonts. Slightly condensed horizontally, it has a generous amount of vertical whitespace and a slashed zero. The two bars of the = are closer together than other fonts, making it harder to distinguish at smaller sizes. The uppercase I, the 1 (one), and the lowercase l are all identically serifed - compare these to Bitstream Vera or Onuava. The Consolas Font Pack can be downloaded from Microsoft here. Consolas is also included in PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

Crystal 12 point


Crystal was created by Jerry Fitzpatrick and is very readable and clean. It has a slashed zero, and is slightly more condensed than fonts such as Bitstream Vera Sans Mono. It consistently ranks high in lists of programming fonts. Note the easily distinguishable uppercase I, lowercase l, and 1 (one). Instead of a grave accent (`), this font displays a centered dot.

DejaVu Sans Mono 11 point


DejaVu Sans Mono is based on the Bitstream Vera Sans Mono font, and has a wider range of characters than Bitstream Vera. Here is a list of the changes. Download DejaVu Sans Mono here.

Droid Sans Mono 11 point


My first reaction to the name was that this was a joke, but Droid Sans Mono is actually very readable with nice numerals, and only lacking a slashed zero (the zero is somewhat narrower than the uppercase O). The Droid Typeface Family was designed by Steve Matteson of Ascender Corporation for Google's Open Handest Alliance’s Android platform. How to get it is a challenge, because it's included in the free Android SDK, which is released under the Apache license. Download the Android SDK (92Mb!) here, or just use the download that Damien Guard has provided here.

Envy Code R 11 point


Envy Code R is a great free font designed by Damien Guard, who recently went to work for Microsoft on the Linq product. Envy Code R is very readable and has a slashed zero, but falls short of Bitstream Vera in clarity (look at the uppercase W, for example). It does include many box-drawing, shading, and symbols for use in command (dosbox) windows. An interesting feature of this font is the "italics as bold" variant, that overcomes Visual Studio's aversion to italics by marking the italic font as bold. Choose 'Envy Code R VS' in the Font and Colors part of Visual Studio's Options and choose bold wherever you want italics. Tied for No. 5 on the CodeProject list of best programming fonts.

Inconsolata 12 point


Inconsolata is a free OpenType font from designer Raph Levien, who was greatly influenced by Luc(as) de Groot's Consolas font. Like Consolas, Inconsolata works better with ClearType - see the lowercase l and m. Very clear, with a slashed zero. It is available here.

Liberation Mono 11 point


From Wikipedia: "The fonts were developed by Steve Matteson (creator of Droid fonts and Andale Mono) of Ascender Corp. as Ascender Sans and Ascender Serif. A 2007 variant of this font family, with the addition of a monospaced font and open-source license, was licensed by Red Hat, Inc. as the Liberation font family." This font (LiberationMono-Regular.ttf) has a dotted zero, although according to Wikipedia there is a later 2008 version with a slashed zero (I could not find it). The lowercase l is easily distinguished from the 1 (one)., and the i is fully serifed. This is a very crisp, readable font. Download here or here.

Monaco 10 point


Monaco, originally a Mac font, shows up frequently in lists of favorite programming fonts. It is very clean, lots of whitespace, a slashed zero, and a micro-serifed i. This is a font you could work with all day long.

Share-TechMono 11 point


This is a clean, slightly condensed font with slashed zero. If you think that Liberation Mono has too much whitespace, this font would be a good alternative. Overall it is very readable, although the horizontal compression may cause some confusion between the uppercase S and the 5 (five). The lowercase l is easily distinguished from the 1 (one), and the i is semi-serifed.

Terminus 12 point


This free, slightly squarish font has a micro-serifed i and a slashed zero. It is clean and easy to read, although some characters (see uppercase W) could be better. The curly braces are very similar to the parentheses. Nice numerals. The lowercase l and the 1 (one) could be a little better distinguished. It was created by Dimitar Zhekov, and is very good for a bitmap font. No difference with ClearType.

Ti92Pluspc 11 point


This is a clean, nice-looking font with slashed zero, that is included with TI-Connect and TI-GraphLink software (distributed with TI calculators). It is highly ranked on several lists of favorite programming fonts.

Other typefaces not listed (but included):

TI-92p Mini Sans

Nouveau IBM

Derive Unicode

Fixedsys Excelsior 3.01 (Fixedsys Extended)

md5: e62ccc5cf2089eac6bd4ee4293d7f0d0

download: (2 MB)




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