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Office XP and Vista*64


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Has anyone tried to install office xp on Vista business*64? I have that version of office and after installation I can not change anything; settings, disable the assistant; outlook doesn't even work all the times. on vista compability site office xp is listed as compatible with vista*86 but upgrade is recommended with vista*64; I don't get it, works well with one version and not with the other where it's supposed to be the same OS?

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True it is the same OS name but the underlying architecture has some differences.

Office XP was made at a time when 64 bit processors are not popular and hence, it was not considered by Microsoft.

It may work, it might not.

Outlook XP does seem to cause problems in Vista 64bit (just tried it on a virtual machine).

On another note, there is no 64bit version of Microsoft Office (yet) but Office 2003 (maybe a few errors) or 2007 should work fine.

You can either:

- Try using compatibility modes to see if it would run better.

- Buy a new version of Office

- Use a virtual machine (running XP) to run Office XP

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I found a way to circumvent the "assistant problem": if I put the cd back in and run setup again I can remove the assistant and finally get rid of that little annoying clip. This is also how I made changes to the original installation; the problem with the settings is still there - all changes are "forgotten" at reboot.

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