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messed-up menu bar after applying theme


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Sometimes, menu bars get ugly after changing a visual theme - white text bg, 3d frame on mouseover, all white when opened - well see attached picture. I'm sure you've seen that.

How do i fix that automatically? Some command / api call (through rundll32) / multiple calls (i can do c++/delphi)...

To fix that manually, i need to open display properties>appearance, switch to any other theme or color scheme (for example, in the second combobox labeled "color scheme" i select default (blue) ), then, without applying, return (to silver in my example) and then hit apply or ok.

I need an automated solution as a finishing touch to a customized (nlite) xp setup disc.

Thanks in advance.


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The registry hint from that page works, thank you.

And you pushed me in the right direction to develop a beter solution - instant fix, no logoff needed for the registry change to be accepted.

I'm making the fix available for everyone (attached).


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