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Error when trying to enable administor account

Guest rockyrockrock

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Guest rockyrockrock

My friend's computer has only 1 account active, and it is in the "power users" group. The built-in administrator account is disabled.

For every method I attempt, I use "run as administrator" whenever available.

I open an elevated command prompt and type "net user administrator /active:yes" but I get a system 5 error saying "access is denied".

I go to "control userpasswords2" and try to change my group membership to administrator but access is denied.

I try to create another administrator account and access is denied.

I go to "local users and groups" to try to get this to work....access is denied.

How do I enable the administrator account?

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Start Menu >> Run >> cmd >> type secpol and <enter>

In Local Security Policy, doubleclick Local Policies on the left then click on Security Options.

On the right hand side enable Accounts: Administrator account status. You can also rename it in the Accounts: Rename administrator account, but make sure it is not a username you are using already.

Also, you'll have to rebuild the desktop and such.

In your case though, instead of doing this, you can scroll all the way down on the right hand column. There you will also see the various controls for User Account Control. Try your luck there.

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