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[Release] WMP11 Theme Addon

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this theme was made by oddbasket (aka Constin) from Singapore, so props go to him for converting it from the original application

i have made several small changes - the icon is now wmp11 and not wmp9 on the start panel, and it is possible to use the Mac GUI font if it is installed (Luc.Grande)

this addon was made to comply with RyanVM-addon specifications and should also work with nLite 1.4.9+





0.2 - added the [Control Panel\Colors] section that was missing

special note: when this package is integrated using the Ryanvm Integrator WMP11 will be set to the default theme upon 1st run from fresh install. This will not occur with Nlite !!!

MD5: 8fec19f6772e13d698d45a51bf2080bd



*edit* added screenshots

*edit* fixed download link

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