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unattended win7 ultimate

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is it possible to make an answer file , but give the user the option to choose his own username/password? i want to make an unattended dvd for win 7 ultimate , but i want to be prompted to choose the username and the password.

another problem is that i need some applications to install during setup :unsure: ...

would this be possible??? PLEASE HELP!

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Hi werther666,

I have not tried to do what it is you are looking to accomplish but I do have a few suggestions.

The first option would be to build your OS with the unattend.xml or autounattend.xml answer file. Then sysprep the OS. This will allow a mini-setup to run that would allow a user to chose his user name and password. Obviously this would not be domain joined computer but rather a work group.

The second option would be to use the MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) - here is the link: Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

The third option would be to configure a run once script that would prompt for the creation of a user name and password. However, this would have the assumption the OS would auto log on and start this script. And then perhaps a scripted method to disable the auto log on and log off the user to force them to use their newly created user name and password.

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