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Delay opening Folders


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These are the things I think make's Windows Explorer run a lot quicker when opening a folder with a lot of files....

These and unregistering the XP built in .zip and .cab dlls

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation = saves 8x3 info for 16 bit applications. Turning on disables saving that
; NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate = Windows updates Last Access each time you open. Turning on disables saving that
; To restore either change dword to :00000000

; Tells it to use Ultra DMA Mode for Hard Drives If available on Primary IDE
; Changes Transfer Mode in Device Manager / IDE ATA controllers / Primary IDE Channel / Advanced settings
; Go look at Current Transfer Mode right below before you change this then apply and reboot then go back and look.
; If drive not capable it does not allow and remains PIO

; Removes "Shared Documents" folder located in C:, to restore remove the - beside the H
; This will turn off all Shared Document Folders, they disappear completely. Close Explorer before then open immediately afterwards. ITs Gone.

;Delete 2 keys that slow down performance may be needed if on a network.
;2227A280 - Remote Namespace Printers  To restore remove the -
;D6277990 - Remote Namespace Scheduled Tasks  To restore remove the -

@="Scheduled Tasks"

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