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WPI without admin rights

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I would like to run my wpi.cmd on a newly installed computer. (automaticaly of course)

Well, I know RUNAS, RUNASSCP, SANUR, SUDOWIN, CPAU and other similar programs. I have a problem with them: my administrator havent got any password. How can I start any program with admin rights, with black password? (Change user to admin is not a right solution! :))


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If your account doesn't have any password, you can run elevated applications by just clicking through UAC prompts.

Just right-click on the file and choose run as administrator.

As I said I would like to run it automatically from a script. For example: "runas /user:administrator wpi.cmd"


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Why not just add a password and remove it when done?

echo password | net user Administrator *
runasspc /user:"administrator" /password:"password" /program:"wpi.cmd"
echo | net user Administrator *

That sets Administrator password to "password"

Then removes it again. All completely automatically.

I couldn't get it to work, but you can set and remove a password and see if that works.

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