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ftp access after ie8 install


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220 g3u0041.houston.hp.com FTP server (hp.com version whp02s) ready.
USER anonymous
331 Guest login ok, send your complete e-mail address as password.
230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
CWD /pub/softpaq/sp41501-42000/sp41762.exe
550 /pub/softpaq/sp41501-42000/sp41762.exe: Not a directory.
200 Type set to A.
227 Entering Passive Mode (15,200,30,21,160,101)
LIST /pub/softpaq/sp41501-42000/sp41762.exe
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
226 Transfer complete.
200 Type set to I.
227 Entering Passive Mode (15,200,30,21,173,57)
SIZE /pub/softpaq/sp41501-42000/sp41762.exe
213 5119088
RETR /pub/softpaq/sp41501-42000/sp41762.exe
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for /pub/softpaq/sp41501-42000/sp41762.exe (5119088 bytes).
426 Data connection: Connection reset by peer.

So we can see IE8 connecting, checking if it's a directory, checking if the file exists, switching to PASV mode, checking the file size and starting the download. So far so good. The problem is, you never actually receive any data. Then 30 seconds later, it terminates the data connection, gives you that 426 error (timed out), and terminates the command connection. Everything went over just fine, except that you didn't get the data itself.

Why do the data packets never make it? Could be a firewall/security app blocking it (although it is using PASV, so it shouldn't) or a number of things along those lines. In mattffrost's case it was the proxy settings, so I'd definitely check those first. You could also try with a real ftp client like filezilla (freeware).

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Since it's IE8, using fiddler to capture IE-specific traffic would be better (assuming you can use explorer.exe or a real FTP client to get the files properly from the same box, of course).

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Try turning on IE 8's Compatibility View by clicking the icon to the right of the address bar that looks like a broken piece of paper. This rolls back IE 8 to render pages as IE 7 would display them. This might allow you to access the FTP from hp.com.

Hope this fixes things,

- Jake

MSFT Internet Explorer Outreach Team

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Using compatibility mode doesn't fix the ftp problem with IE8. It's really frustrating. I used to share my files with my brother by running ftp server software, and letting him view and download the files with his browser. Now that he's updated to IE8, he can't do that anymore. There should be a simple fix for this, but I can't think of one.

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Again, if it fails only in PASV, we're gonna need a network trace or a fiddler log from the client running IE8 to see what's happening. I do not have this problem on my IE8 box, so it's specific to this configuration it may seem.

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I've seen this problem a lot lately with a client of ours that uses FTP regularly and I usually end up resetting their Internet Explorer using the option under the Advanced Tab in Internet Options. The upgrade from earlier versions seems to fubar some of its functionality. A reset wipes the slate clean, kinda thing.

Before you do that though, try disabling passive (PASV) FTP mode in the Internet Options, as the big man of the Venn Diagram suggested.

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