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ctrl + Alt + (arrow keys )


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Now we all im sure remembered the combination of ctrl+alt + arrow key (any key) to flip the screen in windows , ithink ive first seen it in windows 2000, it works in xp also..

what i want to know is , what exactly causes that to happen, because it doesnt work on all machines, it doesnt work on my windows xp home edition in work , but it does on the other pro machines..

I've seen talk online about it being available on only intel based graphics card, is this true ? im very sure my work machine ( dell 4600 ) has an intell card ....

Any one care to shed some light ?

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Windows hasn't had CTRL+ALT+Arrow key functionality built-in, as far as I know, ever. This would definitely be a video driver thing, not a Windows thing.

This is correct. I know that the Intel graphics drivers for their integrated graphics chips do this. People at school are always going around flipping the screens upside down and the teachers can never seem to figure it out. I don't know if other graphics drivers do this or not though.

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