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Anything that can remove components like vLite?

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i am wondering what can i use to remove components in windows 7 other than vLite? which seems not v easy to use with Windows 7 - i must see those must keep list etc. which i still seem to break Windows Add/remove components ...

DISM? it seems abit limited in functionality when compared to vLite? or maybe i am not familiar with it. it can create unattended installs but can it remove components like vLite can?

what can i use to:

- remove components (target: to reduce size & increase speed)

- tweaks (target: increase speed)

- create unattended install (target: speed up install - no need to be there to look)

- "sysprep" (to backup a image that contains programs i need, best if it can be installed on other PCs)

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the new DISM tool can remove features too but you need to get used to it.

I haven't tried to remove features because I don't need to, but I'm using it instead of imagex and pkgmgr...

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