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cygwin sshd service installed


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I am rather surprised that I was able to install cygwin and the sshd

service. it is win 7 build 7201. I did have to open the cygwin

shell with run as administrator and not specific to win7

the scripts to setup sshd fail unless some specific file permissions

are in place.

For the service to run a priviledged user has to be created and

after rebooting I noticed an icon for that username on the login

screen so I will have to look into how to hide that user icon.

I decided to update this topic as several changes have been

made to get sshd working. Initially when I thought it was

working I only tried to logon from a cygwin shell on the same

machine and I was able to connect. After I posted though

I realized to my embarassment that I was not able to logon

from another machine on the same subnet. It now seems!

that by stopping the windows firewall and software protection

I can logon remotely.

this error is from the software protection service

sshd: PID 944: fatal: fork of unprivileged child failed

this error is from the firewall

sshd: PID 1384: error: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

I also noticed that if I start either or both services that something

gets screwed up and I have to reboot with both services not


Now my mea culpa is that I don't know anything about win7 yet

having come from winxp. So I will be reading anything I can find

to correct the problem with the firewall and software protection.

Additionally I cant be sure sshd is stable without some more

reboots and further testing.

7 july 2009 I had some time this morning to continue testing win7

and was still having connect problems to sshd, I found this tip


After running rebaseall, sshd seems to be working consistently, yay...

actually this was a showstopper as I use it for client support, along

with vnc which I will be testing soon.

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