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Joining the domain with unattended installs

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Here is one to share it seems Sysprep simply doesnt work in the RC's unless you stop the media player network service before running it..

I use an autoit script for this in the task sequence or wherever. I also turn it off at least for now while testing.

RunWait("cmd /c sc stop WMPNetworkSvc >> c:\minint\SYSPREP_FIX.txt",@TempDir,@SW_HIDE)

RunWait("cmd /c sc config WMPNetworkSvc start= disabled >> c:\minint\SYSPREP_FIX.txt",@TempDir,@SW_HIDE)

My next issue is trying to deploy a captured image in MDT (can we discuss MDT here or are we talking native unattend). I have a nice Vista working customsettings etc but it just wants to drop the image and login without any errors or actually joining the domain.

I can see my unattend.xml files all look good, no sysprep errors, no MDT errors that I can see. I had it all working too but seems to have gone backwards.

MDT is driving my nuts, I might ditch it and go native. I think you still get the sysprep issue though without MDT (as in work around above).

There are a lot of wee bugs it seems in MDT and WAIK beta's but then there where in the previous production versions also!

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