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Exchange email account accessible by all on the server

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I"m using microsoft outlook for accessing emails. The computers at our office are hooked up to a server that's running windows NT and/or 2003 (I'm afraid I don't have the details at this time).

I'm looking to set up a "support" email account on our server and I've been doing a lot of thinking about how to handle this with allowing everyone on the network to access this. Ideally, It would be nice if the emails sent to support@etc.com would be accessible by all the computer on our server. I thought this could be handled by having a pst file on a public drive, but according to other sites this isn't possible because data could be corrupted.

What's important about this set up is that we're trying to save disk space by not going crazy with sending emails but by also allowing access for everyone and seeing what other people are handling at that time.

This could be handled by a dummy computer that would function as a station to partition support work for our office. But it would be nice if there was something similar to what you can do with google docs where multiple people can access the data but you can see what others are working on.

Any suggestions would be great.

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