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New WAIK for W7 RC & vLite


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I had to rebuild my XP machine a while back, so I haven't used it for creating "vlited" unattended installs in a bit. I knew about the wimgapi that had to be copied to the vlite folder in order to get past the damned WAIK install nag screen from vlite, but now that doesn't work.

From what I could find out, seems that I might also be missing the wimgfltr.sys file... never had a problem with that before... does anyone know if the latest version of WAIK doesn't include it anymore??

I've tried everything, really can't make vlite work at all now, and all the damned links to the wimgfltr that existed are either dead or were removed (as per the forums rules I guess)

Is my only option to try to download an old version of WAIK and hope what I'm missing is in there? (I'm sorta close to my limit this month... the thought of maybe wasting another 1.5GB download for nothing is bad enough).

Any info on this would be great, thanks...

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