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Strange Sleep/Hibernate Problem in Windows 7 RC b 7100


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When I had Vista SP1 x64, I could put the computer to sleep and it was almost instantaneous. It aslo resumed from sleep instantaneously without a problem.

Now, in Windows 7 RC x64, there is a strange occurrence with sleep, although Windows 7's sleep acts more like hibernate than sleep.

When I put Windows 7 to sleep, it takes a good few seconds (much longer than Vista) before computer goes to sleep.

Then, when I try to resume from sleep, it turns on but I get no video input, leaving me to reset the system. When I do reset the system, it seems to be restarting from POST from the beginning, but the continues to "Resume Windows" as if went into hibernation.

And what do you know. All the users are still logged on and no crash report. So it does go into hibernation and not sleep and pressing reset does not really shut the system and cause shutdown error.

Well, I'm glad my system is not crashing like in Vista but I really want it to go to sleep, not hibernate.

Is this supposed to be a feature or a problem? I should note that this does not happen on my laptop, which does have distinction between sleep and hibernation.

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The sleep/hibernation part is a feature. Win7 is using hibernation as a backup for sleep. As you discovered, after a reset (power off) the OS recovers from hibernation, but if everything is just fine, it recovers from sleep. You can dissable the hibernation part by setting up the power options.

Your problem seems like a driver problem...

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The specs are in the sig. It's the p35-ds3l with ASUS HD3450.

I tried both Windows drivers and catalyst 9.4 drivers. same result.

I think it due to the APC backup battery. In power management, it's on balanced power. I've set it to high performance to see if that changes anything (and disabled hibernation).

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