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ssh server for windows - recomendation please


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I'd like to run an ssh server on my XP box to accomplish two major goals:

1) Provide a way for me to use ssh encryption to tunnel my remote connections securely

2) Provide access to my box such that I can run programs on it (launched through the ssh session) and have those programs interact with the desktop of the logged-in user on the machine running the ssh server.

In other words, I'm ssh'ed into the box and I see a 'C:\>' C-prompt. I should be able to navigate to a directory, run a program, and have it run on the host PC's desktop as if the user launched that program.

3) Is easy to configure and not a UNIX port that takes 2 hours of editing text files to get to run :)

I found freeSSHd which does all me to tunnel connections via ssh, but thus far, I can't figure out how to get programs to run when launched remotely AND interact with the desktop. See this post for specifics on this particular problem with freeSSHd. Anyway, if anyone reading this has any suggestions for me, I'm all ears :)

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