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VirtualBox Error with 64-bit VM's .. can anyone else confirm?


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I'm wondering if the following could be a bug in the BIOS: When I suspend my box and then awaken it again, VBox doesn't run my 64-bit guest VM and gives this error:

VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration has been enabled, but is not operational.  Your 64-bit guest will fail to detect a 64-bit CPU and will not be able to boot.
Please ensure that you have enabled VT-x/AMD-V properly in the BIOS of your host computer.

I rebooted and entered my BIOS. All my virtualization options are set to enable. If I totally power down my system, then boot, the problem is gone and the 64-bit VM works just fine. If I just reboot, the problem is not solved and the 64-bit VM does not work giving that error. This problem starts when the machine gets suspended and then awakened. Upon waking up, the symptoms I described above occur and they survive a reboot! Again, the only cure seems to be a power down then startup again (cold boot).

Can anyone else out there who has a 64-bit VM give this a try and report back?

1) Verify that the 64-bit VM works

2) Suspend your host machine then wake it back up

3) Try to run your 64-bit VM again and see if you get the same result I do

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What version of VirtualBox are you using?

What is the host Operating System?

What is the host CPU?

What is the host Motherboard?

In answer to your questions:

VB is the latest stable (2.2.0)

I can repeat this error using a host system of XP 64-bit, Arch Linux 64-bit and Ubuntu Intrepid-amd64. I have these three O/S's installed on the same physical machine, and it happens under all of them unfortunately.

The host CPU is an Intel Xeon X3360 and the host MB is a DFI LT P35-T2R running the latest BIOS revision.

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I figure it might be a problem with the guest additions so I tried to replicate the bug. I have different hardware, but I put Windows 7 (host) into Sleep while my Windows 7 (guest) is running. I then woke the host and the guest was running fine. I restarted the guest and still didn't get that error message.

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I am having this problem now with VMware Workstation 6.5.2 :P

This host is VT-capable, but VT is not enabled.

This is usually due to a BIOS/firmware problem. Please:

(1) Verify the BIOS/firmware settings enable VT mode.

(2) Power-cycle the host, if the BIOS/firmware VT settings were changed at boot.

(3) Power-cycle the host, if you have not done so since installing VMware Workstation.

(4) Update host BIOS/firmware to the latest version.

You have configured this virtual machine to use a 64-bit guest operating system. However, this host is not capable of running 64-bit virtual machines or this virtual machine has 64-bit support disabled.

For more detailed information, see http://vmware.com/info?id=152

Shuttle SP35P2, Intel E8400, Windows 7 x64 RC, BIOS SP35S20E.

[EDIT] Fixed it, somehow it was disabled in the BIOS...

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