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[Release]WM Recorder 12.1

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Here is WM Recorder 12.1


Its not the latest version but it works nice. Its a trial version.

I know there are nice plugins for Firefox but they dont work on very site. This will work

on most websites because it makes use of WinPcap.



This program needs real player to be installed. I would sugest installing a code pack.

Start with the option "settings" in the first tab go for the option "Set Recording Folder"

Choice the folder where you want the record the file's to. Now you're ready to copy webstreams.

If get the message "Adapter not responding" there are 2 way's to fix the message "Adapter not responding"

1 Click on the round button Ada (its onder the word MODE) change it to PRO mode.

2 If you get the message the "adapter not responding" then click options. Than sellect> Search Cache for media. Select the file that is being played and record it.


With WM Recorder, WM Capture, WM Converter and WM Splitter, you have the ability to capture, convert and edit ANY video that plays on your Windows PC.

Downloads perfect bit-for-bit digital copies of internet videos with ease. Just click "record" then play your video.

Readmore ad: HomePage

File Size: 3.32 MB (3,488,584 bytes)

MD5 hash: C4FAF3BB72F4C3770E4FD688B55C066D

Download Here

Credits go to RogueSpear for this WinPcap installer!

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