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[Update] Firefox 3.5.6 [15/12/09]


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to summarize:

download latest version at official web page: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/products/

Copy and paste to FF.INI sample code posted here (credits: DaMageGR), change settings to your needs.

Install with command:

"%inst_dir%\Firefox Setup 3.5.7.exe" /INI="%inst_dir%\FF.INI"

%inst_dir% is a placeholder to your install path where .exe and .ini files are stored.

-ms argument not required when using /INI argument as stated here (credit: Grake).


Mozilla changed the Silent install for FireFox 3.5. Now the switch is "-ms"

rather than the old "/S"

Just thought I'd pass that alone if you're like me you've been doing "/S"

all morning!

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