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WDS PXE unattended XP installation [solved]

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I have setup a WDS server with two boot images. One for capturing an image and another to load install images. That all works fine. One of the install images is Vista which was pretty easy since I only needed to copy the wim file from the DVD. Another image is an XP SP3 image that i captured which also works fine to install.

Now to the real issue. I want to make several unattended images of Windows XP so I tried running sysprep and created a sysprep.inf file that defines the unattended options, but where do i put it? The WDS software on the server only allows .xml files that is used for Vista. I have read some guides about this but I'm still unsure where to put the .inf file to unattend the XP installation.

Edit: I solved it.

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got the same problem. Maybe you can tell me how you fixed it? Or do you have an manual / documentation belonging to that topic?

My Email: Christian.Reinink [at] mho.de

Best regards


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