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Instructions how to use RunOnce?


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(a) Are there detailed instructions for how to use the nLite RunOnce command?

After searching I don't find how to use this feature of nLite.

(b ) I downloaded 12 Dell drivers that are in *.exe format (examples: R111550.exe, R90698.exe).

The nLite window for adding drivers does not see these .exe files.

What should I do to the 12 .exe driver files so nLite can see them?

Or is it better to leave the 12 files as is, and try to integrate them with nLite RunOnce command?

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Your question about the drivers:

I downloaded R111550.exe from HERE as an example.

I unpacked the EXE with WinRar to get these folders: "R111550\Windows\tiinst1"

The last folder "tiinst1" contains the drivers, everything else is probably unneeded.

Copy all your Rxxxxxx.exe to a folder "DELL", extract them with WinRar,

and point nLite to "DELL" by using "Insert > Multiple Driver Folder".

nLite will only integrate folders containing an ".inf" - don`t care about the unneeded files.


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