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XP/Vista skins ported to w2k?

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How come after all these years nobody has ever figure out or tried to create a skin pack to make work on windows2000?

I would like to use that uberskin pack, but i don't believe its for w2k, or i would like to see some xp skins and vista skins for w2k and install them without hassle.

There is something called a vista transformation pack, but that crap made me install my os over again. It messes with your system files and there is no way to get them back lol.

Just wondering thats all.

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if your going to have the graphical transformation its going to have to modify system files however vista transformation pack does include a lot of bloat and should be steered clear of.

the problem with a skin pack for 2k is what skining engine are you going to use? tclock, windows blinds...?

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I used to use WindowBlinds classic, but that didn't give any alpha transparency for those Aero skins.

So I switched to TrueTransparency and a skin called Aero Ultimate 7

Then Vista Icon Pack, then some custom ResHacking...

I've been wanting to build a CD that has my custom DLL's integrated, so I might just copy my existing files and replace the ones on the CD.

I found a program called GlassToast that skins balloon messages, but I don't think Windows 2000 has any of those.

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