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DNS Problem


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We're running a Windows 2003 Domain Controller (Also act as the DNS server). Our emails are hosted by a third-party email service provider. All the users access their mailboxes via Webmail (browser). However, to do so, they have to enter a really long URL : - http://mail.spherelinksmail.com/c/vasundharatechnologies.com.

It's very difficult to remember... Yes.. yes... I know.. we can always bookmark it... However, what I want to know is if I can make some changes on the DNS server, to make the URL shorter... Something like an alias... so all the user have to type in the browser is something like mail.vasundharatechnologies.com. Is that possible, if yes how?

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks !!!

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While it is possible, using DNS for this is a bit overkill. Assuming you have access to the webserver (or have access to a technician that does), simply put a placeholder page (called default.html or similar) that does a redirect to the "long", ugly URL.


Once you have this page in place, requests to http://mail.spherelinksmail.com will get redirected to whatever URL is in the redirect page at the root of this webserver.

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