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[solved] Creating installation-cd for preinstalled system (slp)

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I am trying to save an old laptop from the trash-container. The pc is a Toshiba equium M50 and was preinstalled with XP home. The owner of the laptop has wiped the recovery-partition of the hdd and there are no recovery-image on cd's / dvd's. The pc seems to have been re-installed with an malware-infested pirate version of XP home and therefore i desided to wipe the hdd clean before reinstalling. I have installed XP home on the pc, but this will of course not activate as the installation-cd is not prepared for this manufacturer.

My Q is: Is it posible to swap the "oembios-files" on this systems hdd ( hdd connected to usb-adapte to my own pc )?

If not, i guess i have to produce a new installation cd with the correct "oembios-files"?

Is it ok to get the files from here ? http://www.oembios.net/ or here: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/showthread.php?t=2127

If there is any guides on how this is done, i am happy to do some more reading on my own ;)

I'm not an expert on Windows XP, but know how to integrate sp with nLite and i have a vage understanding on how SLP works.

note. The COA-sticker on the laptop is intact so the installation should be legal as long as i can make this system activate.

Sorry my poor writing-skills in english.

More info:

Using this script: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=485635

Outputs the following:

Manufacturer: TOSHIBA

Model: EQUIUM M50

544F5348 494241

(note that this system is istalled with an Medion PC installation cd- i don't know if that matter in this case.)

Also: I have made a image of the toshiba-hdd before i wiped it. (DriveImage XML). If the system still used the orginal oembios-files and they are intact still, i can browse the xml-file and copy this files and integrate them on a new install-cd.

Update: Copied the Toshiba oembios-files over to a working I386 folder. used nLite to create a new image and then of course burned a cd.

Problem solved! ;)

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