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How to set system fonts?


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To speedup things a little on my pretty old system, I have disabled cleartype.

Now I want to change the systemfonts to some other fonts, which was very easy in XP but I can not find it in Windows 7...

Can someone tell me how to change the default fonts for the menu, icons etc..?

Edit: found it, topic can be deleted ;)

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Two things;

1. How I disabled cleartype and changed my fonts:

The complete workaround can be found here: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/1175-fonts-change.html

2. There are still some screens with blurry fonts.

I am working with the official Windows 7 beta (build 7000) and even with the register settings and font settings as mentioned on the website from the link, I did not manage to fix them all.

Here you find a screenshot from what I mean (click on thumb to enlarge:


As you can see the 'conform save as' popup is a little blurry as the top of the screen is.

Some other screens do have the same issue, for example in the start menu the 'all programs' button is also a little blurry.

Can someone help me with this one?

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Here is another good example, the Windows clock settings:


As you can see, the tabs and buttons at the bottom do have the sharp fonts as I selected them as mentioned above, the rest is still showed in the default Windows fonts.

Same question; any idea how to change this to my fonts too?

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