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Google Broken!


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You also have a strange green star and check symbol to the right of the links. What web browser are you using?

What you see there is AVG. The browser is quite irrelevant, I have checked it and I see the same message, and I have asked multiple people, all with different browsers and configurations. Google really is broken. ;)

The most amusing is typing "Google" into Google. But then again, as the IT crowd teaches us, typing Google into Google will break the internet. :P

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Seems like it did affect everyone lol:



It's fixed now and only lasted for around half an hour, which explains why it did it on my laptop but not my main computer, i must have noticed on my laptop a few minutes before they fixed the bug and checked my main computer after they fixed it.

It's quite scary to think that Google can stop working. How on earth will I find the answer to the most trivial rubbish that pops into my head?


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