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What can I use?


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So my bro got married recently and we got the dvd of the wedding back. Problem is, at the very end, the videographer interviewed some peeps who was at the batchelorette party and some things were said that wouldn't be appropriate to show mom and dad :rolleyes: .... well to make a short story shorter ...

I am looking for software that would copy the original dvd, but cut the ending, keeping all the chapters and everything else. Any suggestions?

I tried Nero Vision and some other dvd ripping software - no luck.

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It's quite laborous any way you do it. The method strongly depends on how the DVD was authored. You need to copy the whole DVD to a folder on your HDD, demux (break it down to components), let's say with PgcDemux.

VobBlanker is the tool that will probably be able do the job (replace the modified parts). How will you modify them? I don't know, it depends how the DVD was made. Search for VobBlanker guides. Here are some of them.


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