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Internet Explorer 7 MSI-Package


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Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Setup is only available as an .exe file. If you want or have to use a .msi file, you have to build one yourself.

Note: Prepare deploying on the same operating system you are deploying on later. If you want to deploy on XP, use XP. If you want to deploy on Vista, use Vista to prepare deploying. Same for Windows Server 2003. Other OS are not supported!

First, download Internet Explorer 7 for XP or Windows Server 2003 and install it, depening on the os you are deploying for.

Second, download the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 7 (IEAK) from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en and install it.

Run IEAK Wizard and enter a company name, then de-select every option to edit (important!) and continue. after IEAK finished building the installer, you can find a exe and msi file in c:\builds\datetime\


I found this while looking for a fix of the great "unwriteable key HKCR\Interface\...\" bug. If you apply IE7 via GPO, SYSTEM is used to install the packages and SYSTEM has full access to the registry keys ;)

Also, MSI packages take much more respect on permissions and stuff. I really don't know why Microsoft still uses self-extracting cabinet files (like .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 - 237 MB package).

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Thanks, that works pretty good. But the msi won't run unattended no matter which switches I use. It still runs in full GUI. The exe will run silent but it rebbots after installing.

Run IEAK Wizard and enter a company name, then de-select every option to edit (important!)

For those interested - If you select "Setup Customizations" you can create unattended setups.

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