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Does version 14.0.8050.1202 of WLM fix the Safe Senders truncation?

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I would love to have been using Windows Live Mail (since Vista no longer has

Outlook Express), but there has been an ongoing issue with it truncating the

Safe Senders list if the number of entries exceeds 250 (the limit for a

standard user). As a Windows Live Hotmail Plus subscriber (yes, I'm still

paying annually for that), I am allowed an additional 250 entries, or 500

entries total - and I use them all. But when I first installed and

configured Windows Live Mail, I was horrified to discover that half of my

entries were gone and that a LOT of email was ending up in my Junk Mail

folder (potentially to be auto-deleted) that had previously been delivered to

my Inbox thanks to a saving entry in the Safe Senders list.

I spent over a year going back and forth with the Windows Live Mail

Technical Support Team, without success, trying to get this issue fixed (Case

Number SRX1052771462ID). The last correspondence I received from Microsoft

on Feb 5, 2008, stated "Steven, I would like to inform you that our Windows

Live Mail Product Development Team is aware of this issue and is currently

working on a solution." That process ended when my email replies started

failing with a return message from 'Microsoft Technical Support' of "Disabled

for Ratatouille cleanup." - whatever that is supposed to mean.

So all this leads to my simple yet crucial question: Does the new version

14.0.8050.1202 of Windows Live Mail finally address this issue, or will I

find myself trying to re-enter 250 domain names back into my Safe Senders

list over the next few months if I install it?

Thanks in advance for any and all intelligent replies.

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Well, I cannot say for certain whether or not this limitation does or does not exist. But, I did want to point out that your case # is not accurate - you have the correct number of characters, but the Microsoft case # format does not include ANY letters after the first three (SRX being a case you created by phone, in the US or Canada), and also the first 6 digits are year, month, and day, and 105277 is not a valid yymmdd combo (although 010527 might be. but considering that it was worked in 2008 I highly doubt that is the case). I strongly suggest that you go over your records again to make sure you have the right case #, because you can call in and check on it at any time to see if the fix has been made.

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