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Vista - XP Networking Problem


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I've read about problems with the Vista XP networking, but I have an unsual problem.

At work, there are 13 computers (unless someone brings in a personal computer). 2 of them are running Windows Vista Business and the rest are XP. The network is set up so that we can all see each other's shared folders and have access to the printers. I sometimes bring in my laptop, which runs Vista Home Premium.

So heres the problem:

All XP computers can see each other.

One of the Vista Business computers is the "problem computer" - let's call computer A

My Vista machine can "talk" to the other non problem machine running Vista ok; but not computer A. I can see computer A listed under Network, but clicking on it yields an error message saying it can't access that computer.

On my XP work machine, I can see computer A listed under Workgroup, but clicking on it yields error message saying it can't access the computer. My work desktop (running XP) shows the Vista machines listed under the Workgroup window (but not under network places, with the exception of my Windows Vista laptop, which is showed under network places).

Computer A can only see those machines running Vista, but no others. It can print to all printers on the network, and get on the internet, just not see any of the XP machines. The only problem we need solved is get it so that she can see other XP machines. We completely removed / disabled all antivirus software and other firewalls. We've gone through a lot of the online help documents, but no one seems to be able to help. She's talked to Comcast (ISP), Dell (type of computer), and another computer fix-it guy, to no avail.

Anyone out there have any ideas of what to do? We're both highly perplexed.



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For Windows XP Professional, the maximum number of other computers that are permitted to simultaneously connect over the network is ten. This limit includes all transports and resource sharing protocols combined. This is only in a workgroup if the machines are joined to a domain this differs

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Interestingly enough, there appears to be 16 different computers/printers under the Workgroup (My Network Places - Workgroup), 2 of these are Vista. My laptop isn't connected right now, but has no problem connecting, and would be the 17th connection. Only one of those computers would be having problems. So if the limit was 10, wouldn't other people have problems too? Why would my vista home premium laptop have problems connecting to her vista business, but not the other vista business computer?

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