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[Help] Batch - Remove Trailing Space

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I got another strange batch coding Q: that I cant seem to find the answer to...

I have a txt files with a list of files contained within it - Ex:

"C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp\TDSS6784.tmp "

"C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp\TDSS684f.tmp "

"C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp\TDSS9f9b.tmp "

How do I remove the trailing space after the file extension?

looking at variable modifiers... %var:~0,-1% Should do what I need, however, how do I implement this to process all the lines in my txt file.

I could use an array, but I don't know the proper syntax of how to encorperate the modifier, as the below code does not work properly:

For /f "tokens=*" %%I in (FileList.txt) do SET Ifiles=%%I&&Echo %Ifiles:~0,-1%>>CorrectedFiles.txt

as it just places a bunch of ~0,-1 's in CorrectedFiles.txt

Do I have a typo, or is there a better way of doing this within a batch file?

Thanks a million

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Well your biggest error was that you'd have needed to enable delayed expansion!

Here's an alternative

@Echo off&Setlocal enableextensions
For /f "delims=" %%# In (FileList.txt) Do Set "Ifiles=%%~#"&&Call :SUB %%Ifiles%%
Goto :Eof

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