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xp startup problem.. svchost?


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I missed my laptop in the floor, and now when i try to start it, it stops starting at halftime. my desktop background shows but with no icons and no bottom-line.

when i start task manager and quit on of the svchosts, the xp continues starting. Xp then works fine, but the network connections are gone.

What can i do to fix this?

I have tried to set the computer back to time before the fall to the floor, but still the same.

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Was it running when it hit the floor?

The missing network connections suggest that the drivers aren't/can't be read properly. Does device manager show you any network hardware? If you plug an RJ45 cable into the ethernet port do the lights come on?

Tried re-installing the network adapter drivers if the hardware shows in device manager?

Sounds like you could need a new hard drive but you should try a fresh windows install first to be sure as a last resort.

We need more information regarding any visible signs of damage to the outside of the laptop.

If it was running when it hit the floor, what was running (software or driver install?), and was it still running when you picked it back up off the floor?

I suspect the laptop hitting the floor may have caused the read heads on the hard drive to scrape the hard drive platters therefore rendering at least some of the data contained unusable/inaccessible and unrecoverable. It might be worse off if the laptop was running while this happened as the platters are spinning thus having a larger area impacted by the read heads if the scraping occured.

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