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Apply WIM file question...


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Hi guys,

I was just wondering is there a way to post the file name or a message inside the imagex /apply command?

I'm running HTA's for installing and when I apply a .WIM file I would like to post something in the cmd window if that is possible. Here is one of my 'Apply' lines...

objWShell.Run "cmd /c imagex /apply z:\Sources\drivers.wim 8 c:",1, True

Thanks for the help,


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windows supports command concatenation with "&" or "&&".

This allows you something like this:

cmd /c "imagex /apply ...&& type success.txt"

cmd1 & cmd2:

in this case cmd2 will always be run after cmd1, no matter if it was successful or not

cmd1 && cmd2:

in this case cmd2 will only run if cmd1 was run successfully.

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