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Multiple autounattend files when booting from DVD

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After some searching I found some good postings in the multi-boot forum on how to put Vista alongside XP, etc. using cdshell. This works very well. At the same time, I found that my Autounattend.xml is only executed when being in the root of my DVD but not from the sources folder.

The main issue for me is now how to add multiple Autounattend.xml files on the CD and select corresponding installs from the boot menu.

What I found in this forum so far all relates to using a command line switch on setup.exe and selecting the answer file. Something which I would happily do if I could when booting from DVD - but of course that doesn't work. My guess so far is that if that works it might be possible from WindowsPE; but firstly I have no clue how (and haven't seen any related suggestions in response to other multi-answer-file questions), and secondly that would mean not being able to select the Vista target computer from the main boot menu but only after booting WinPE (ok, that may be regarded as a negligable 'flaw', but I'd still prefer it). With XP it worked so nicely using the different boot folders. However, I haven't found anything corresponding to such a solution.

It would be great to be at least pointed in the right direction. (Since the actual multi-boot part works and this seems rather related to the placement of Vista-specific files like the answer and wim files, etc., I think the Vista forum is the better place to ask about this. I didn't even get a hit searching for autounattend; unattend brought a few hits, but they didn't related to my Vista issue.)

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