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EditFile: Bug or Understanding issue?


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I am using nLite on a Windows 2003 box to modify a Windows 2003 source and am having the following issues in the Entries.ini file of an addon I am trying to create.

This seems to work, because nLite does add the section headers to the appropriate files:

WINNT.SIF, AlphaSection
SVCPACK.INF, BravoSection

However these do not seem to work:

WINNT.SIF, AlphaSection, AlphaEntries
SVCPACK.INF, BravoSection, BravoEntries



Are these known issues with nLite or with nLite on Windows 2003, or is this an understanding issue on my part?

If it is the latter, how can I fix the error? The nliteos web site is very thin on details on entries.ini syntax, and even MSFN does not seem to turn up too much info on the subject.

Also, what does [ExtraFileEdits] do?

From what I can gather, it is a means to replace/substitute entries in INI/SIF files rather than to add entries, yes?

Finally, how can I create an Addon that adds files to some place under $OEM$ rather than under I386?

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