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Hey there,

I just downloaded NLITEOS based on a friend's recommendation, and it is really easy to slipstream SP3 from a SP2 CD. There's just a few things I do not understand....

I would like to include IE7 and all of the windows updates that have come out since SP3. The new SP3 slipstreamed CD still needed IE7 and about 25 entries from Windows Update, and that is only the first pass :)

How can I create a very 'up-to-date' SP3 installation CD, so that I don't have to install IE7 and all the updates on every pc that I use this installation cd on?

Thanks alot!!


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see the links in my signature. it has a link for post-sp3 updates. download them. also download ie7 (in the .exe).

then, check the hotfixes option in nlite and just insert all of the updates, including ie7. it will be updated by nlite.

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