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dual HDDs, and dual boot (Debian/XP-64)


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I have a healthy XP 64-bit installation and would like to put a LINUX distro (lenny) on the tail end of my 2nd HDD (see below). Anyway, my question is, in the event of me wanting to get rid of LINUX all together, what is the best method for re-writing the MBR on my XP disk? Can I simply boot to the CD, and enter the fixmbr command?

System details:

Disk 1 contains two partitions, both NTFS. The first is a live XP-64 system (c:\), and the 2nd is a data partition (d:\).

Disk 2 contains one partition (e:\) and the LINUX partitions.

Grub will be the boot loader if that matters.


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I've been googling on this topic and it seems a solution is in this thread #2.

the correct way to fix windows boot record is as follows:

boot from the windows cd, enter the recovery console, at the prompt type fixboot and press enter, then type fixmbr and press enter, then type exit and press enter. it should boot into windows.

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