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Qfe and Gdr


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i m integrating my hotfixes and updates manually. i only take the updated file from the package and making cab and copying to the xp source cd. but i dont understant what is qfe and gdr.(im using gdr folder) what is the difference between that.

i found this link


but i dont understant what microsoft says :).

can anyone explain me basically :)

sorry for my english. thanks

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The GDR (General Distribution Release) updates can be found on Windows Update site so as to be available to a wider audience.

Another key item is GDR's are tested to a greater degree than QFE (Quick Fix Engineering).

QFE, also known as "hotfixes", are created when a hardware, BIOS or a software issue is identified that needs a fix in a specific and small subset of customer environments.

These fixes (QFE) have not been tested for the same length of time for regressions or incompatibilities as what a GDR fix typically goes through.

Another key point is QFE's generally contain all the prior fixes from both GDR and QFE, while the GDR's releases in the same package do not contain all the QFE fixes. Files in the QFE folders are cumulative and contain both "the GDR-class fix" and "all previous hotfixes" that affect the included binaries.

GDR branch fixes are available from the "Microsoft Download Center", and QFE branch fixes are available directly from "Microsoft Support".

Remember a hotfix (QFE) is to fix a specific issue quickly, while "Microsoft Update GDRs" are created to improve everyone's experience.



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