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Windows Live Messenger 2009


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as far as i have tested, this is the proper order :

"Contacts.msi /passive /norestart"

"wlc.msi /passive /norestart"

"RichUpload.msi /passive /norestart"

"wllogin.msi /passive /norestart"

"WLXSuite.msi /passive /norestart"

"Messenger.msi /passive /norestart"

"SpamFilterData.msi /passive /norestart"

"Mail.msi /passive /norestart"

"SQLServerCE31-EN.msi /passive /norestart"

"WindowsLiveSync.msi /passive /norestart"

"PhotoLibrary.msi /passive /norestart"

"MicrosoftSearchEnhancementPack.msi /passive /norestart"

"SyncNative.msi /passive /norestart"

"ProviderServicesNative.msi /passive /norestart"

"wltinstall.msi /passive /norestart"

"Writer.msi /passive /norestart"

"fssclient_x86.msi /passive /norestart"

"olc.msi /passive /norestart"

"OLConnector.msi /passive /norestart"

Silverlight.2.0.exe /q"

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I think I saw a tool somewhere but forgot where exactly, that utility does this whole stuff automatically but I couldn't find it again. The result is one silent installer.

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