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  1. Hello Everyone, My company is getting ready to roll out an NK2 Project which we will need Export everyone's SMTP contacts. I've been researching tools to accomplish. So far I've found Ingressor and n2kview. Ingressor is exactly what we're looking for but their pricing model concerns me especially with 500+ users. n2kview works but you can only export 1 contact at a time. Does anyone have any other suggestions here?
  2. For some reason this wouldn't install silently for me but I added msiexec /i in front of it and it worked fine.
  3. Hey, I'm having a bit of trouble with a Sonic RecordNow 7.3. I'm running the .exe with a /q. The only issue is the application generates a ton of Internal Error messages. They all give a random Error code and once you click through them the application installs. Is there any way to hide these error messages?
  4. I was multitasking. I thought I was in that topic. Sorry about that. An admin can delete this.
  5. Hey guys, I have a question about the McAfee Silent Installation. I have a batch file that is running the silent installation flawless however before the installation kicks off I'm prompted by Windows Security warning. It's the prompt for files that don't have a digital signature. Does anyone know how I can run this batch file without getting the digital signature prompt. Silent Command Lines McAfee AntiSpyware - "\\rtpnas02\apps\ClientApps\McAfee\VirusScan 8.7 AntiSpyware Plugin\Unzipped\VSE87MAS.Exe" /SILENT McAfee AntiVirus - "\\rtpnas02\apps\clientapps\McAfee\VirusScan 8.7 Full Install (10-2008)\SetupVSE.Exe" ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=LotusNotesScan /qn Thanks in advance. - Stoj
  6. elajua, I tried the Req and it worked well. Thank you for that.
  7. We use LANDesk to manage our assets. There are alot of tools built into the management suite such as reporting, os deployment, software license monitoring, patch management, provisioning, etc. I wouldn't know what to do without the software. This is just my experience.
  8. elajua, I like the idea of using yours but the problem is, after I install it, I attempt to sign in and get an error. We can't sign you in to Windows Live Messenger. Service is temprorarily unavailable. Error Code: 80040154 I'm running Windows XP SP3
  9. I'm in the need of installing this for my company. I tried to follow everything in here. I have a batch file running the following msiexec /i "%DrivePath%\crt.msi" /qn msiexec /i ""%DrivePath%\contacts.msi" /qn msiexec /i ""%DrivePath%\SegoeFont.msi" /qn msiexec /i ""%DrivePath%\wlc.msi" /qn msiexec /i ""%DrivePath%\RichUpload.msi" /qn msiexec /i ""%DrivePath%\wllogin.msi" /qn msiexec /i ""%DrivePath%\wlxsuite.msi" /qn msiexec /i ""%DrivePath%\choiceguard.msi" /qn msiexec /i ""%DrivePath%\messenger.msi" /qn Note that the .tmp file and cache.ini are in the "%DrivePath% Now after I run it....nothing installs. Any suggestions?
  10. Hello everyone, I've been using these forums for a little while now. I've just recently decided to setup a membership. I'm going to be doing alot of silent installations on my next project so I hope I can get some valuable knowledge.

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